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Memoirs of a Fox-hunting man

ONCE more into the mire of internal politics with the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers, where it's getting murkier by the week. Jack Duffy, Scottish secretary and salaries' convener, has after all been found guilty of bringing the union into disrepute and debarred from office for a year.

It's a little over 12 months since the union's two most prominent Fife activists, Ron Lindsay and Ewan Chalmers, received a life ban on a similar charge. What more can be done to bring Scotland's smallest union into disrepute? We merely ask.

Duffy, the leading Glasgow campaigner, admitted making sexist and derogatory comments towards Carol Fox, the Scottish organiser, but in mitigation sought to in the blame on the union for not acting quickly enough when relations soured.

A cast of thousands were hauled up before an inquisitorial two-day inquiry to give evidence before verdict and sentence were passed.

But what now? Duffy is not happy and is appealing to the union's national executive, when many had hoped he would let the matter drop. It means he will continue in office until an appeal is heard - at least two months hence.

Meanwhile, the brotherly and sisterly backstabbing is taking a personal toll on key figures. This all comes after the union opened plush offices in the capital and is aiming to extend its Scottish membership on the back of its UK reputation - as a fighting union.

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