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Merit pay is a bully's charter

I am in the midst of again fighting my former, bullying headteacher to pass the pay threshold.

This head spent a lot of time pushing out the better teachers who worked at our school previously, of which I am one. (My mistake was getting a clear Office for Standards in Education report, with good and very good ratings).

Fortunately, as she is gone, and I now have a reasonable headteacher who appreciates good teachers, I may have a chance.

Can you imagine what would have happened had this insane policy of paying by performance been in place if I were still going up in the main scale?

The performance pay idea is an open door for more extreme workplace bullying from people like my former head. If we don't roll over and take the bullying meted out, we risk not reaching a reasonable salary level.

Yet another marvellous idea from the Government. I look forward to the increase in tribunals and lawsuits from teachers!

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