Message for mum

Ages 4 to 6

Mother's Day is coming up, and my Year 1s are making cards and photo frames.

3D flowers are nice - cut the card into a flower shape then fold the petals into flaps. Or how about pop-up flowers inside the card, or even mosaic flowers using overlapping tissue paper?

The reception class in my school like a teapot-shaped card with a teabag inside, along with a poem about their mum. Then I get them to make the photo frame out of white card, giving them art straws to cut, twist or bend and decorate the border of the frame. Stick with glue and, when dry, spray with silver or gold paint.

I then take a photograph of each child and they stick their picture on the back of their frame and take it home Lianne Boyce is a Year 1 teacher at Morna International College, Ibiza, Spain

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