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KS 34

Letter writing is a skill all students have to master but if they do it for real it is more motivating. Email is the ideal medium. For ideas on possible projects and how to track down partner schools see and

Divide the class into small groups and ask each to compose six questions that might feature in a letter between friends, then pass these on to the next group to provide the answers. Read out the results. Encourage creativity and humour.

Compose a brief letter with gaps and ask students to fill them in a way that makes sense.

Ask them to come up with as many ways as possible of framing a request.

Please can you, Would you be so kind I Make it a competition to add interest.

Introduce SMS-speak in the target language - 2manD; DUBIDO; a2. For more examples in French, German and Spanish see www.mobilou.org10kosms.htm

www.netdays-berlin.dedenav.php?pid=167:157 www.oup.comukbooksitescontent0198604750resourcesspanish_sms

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