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Middle managers with no time

Every so often an article appears in Talkback which makes me think "Precisely!" Alan Toothill's (TES, March 24) was one such.

I hope you will find space to print this heartfelt "thank you" to him, not just for the overall accuracy of his views on the ridiculous imbalances in schools, but also for his bravery.

If only more of us would admit that we under-perform in the classroom as a result of all the administrative and pastoral tasks we undertake.

If I might, I should like to add one further perspective, one of which I think all our "managers" should be particularly aware.

The fact is, not only do people in "middle management" positions have less time to prepare the sort of lessons we once delivered and would love to continue doing so. The result: mental fatigue and physical illness as we burn ourselves out with the effort. I wonder how many of our head of department colleagues spend the first week of every so-called "holiday" ill, having lived on nerves and adrenalin for the previous twelve? I know I do. And I increasingly resent the fact.


(Another head of English)


Audley End




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