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Middlebrow militant;Letter

I AM sorry David Liddell ("Bus safety matters", TESS, April 30) does not like my style, but that's a matter of personal taste. On the other hand, I dislike much of the arid activism and middlebrow militance (oops!) that I see in the Educational Institute of Scotland.

I am glad that he is impressed by my (alleged) prestidigitation though I am unsure he proves me wrong. I have been an EIS member for 30-odd years, and during that time I have read the "Rough Guide to the EIS" several times over, rather than skimming its maps to note their salient features. This does not mean I must swallow every cause that it champions.

If Mr Liddell is offended by the alleged exclusivity of denominational schools he should sponsor an emergency motion at the annual meeting urging conference to cancel subscriptions from, and membership of, teachers in denominational schools and in independent schools.

Joseph Kelly, St Kilda Drive, Glasgow

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