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The Mighty Boosh - Series 3 on DVD


Better understood as The Magic Roundabout relocated to east London than a straight-up sitcom, the third series of The Mighty Boosh (which aired on BBC3 in 2007 and stars trendy comics Julian Barrett and Noel Fielding) was every bit as baffling, funny and occasionally infuriating as the last.

OK, so minutes can sometimes tick by without a single joke, but the love that has been poured into this series, with its ramshackle sets, cobbled-together characters and stoner dialogue ("No smoke without fire? What about smoke machines?") more than makes up for it.

The show, which is set in an east London junk shop, follows the adventures of the ultra-fashionable Vince Noir and his crotchety sidekick Howard Moon as they struggle with their respective neuroses and a series of improbable fairytale sub-plots involving angry cockneys, evil foxes and pop stars who look like flamingos.

Conventional it isn't but, like all the best sitcoms, it makes you want to climb into the screen and join them. Best appreciated on DVD, for its hangover-alleviating properties, fans will be pouncing on this latest box set.

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