Mike Kent: stop the madness now

Mike Kent is a menace ("Rain may cause wetness", 18 November). He recklessly asserts that a tree is a "jolly good thing to sit under when it's hot".

It is during the summer that we get our most ferocious thunderstorms. As any headteacher should know, one should never take shelter under a tree when there's the risk of lightning. And since lightning can strike at any time, one should never take shelter under a tree at all.

It is also during the summer that trees become dehydrated. This lack of moisture weakens the tree and increases the likelihood of a branch falling to the ground. En route, it may well hit the head of an innocent child. Is this what Mr Kent wants?

I recommend that Mr Kent orders all the trees at his school to be chopped down. Failure to take this simple and sensible step will surely result in injury and lawsuits.

I am copying this letter to his LA as a matter of urgency.

Matthew Handy, Director of mathematics, dotmaths.

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