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Mike Kent's columns

Mike Kent, headteacher of Comber Grove Primary School in south London, is one of the most popular columnists on The TES. On this page you'll find links to all his columns from 2009. In the link on the right you'll also find a link to an archive of Mike's columns from previous years

Snow way they didn't learn a lot

Published: 27 February 2009
The joys of snow days
"It's a pleasant, sunny morning. Almost like spring. Yet just three weeks ago, snowfall seemed to have brought the country to its knees."

It's time for a sacrificial lamb, Brian

Published: 20 February 2009
The GTC - pound;37 a year and for what?
"You wanted to see me, headmaster? I do hope there's nothing wrong with my classroom practice? I'm targeting and tracking, drilling down to drive standards up and personalising absolutely everything."

Why I am officially inadequate

Published: 13 February 2009
Mike shares the results of the human resources audit at his school
"Sadly, I have to report that I'm totally inadequate. Not merely inadequate, mind - but totally inadequate. Has your dedicated columnist finally cracked? Should he be led gently out to grass? Before you decide, let me explain how I acquired that label."

Outstanding but still irritated

Published: 6 February 2009
A report back from Mike's final Ofsted visit
"I have just had my fourth and final Ofsted visit. The lead inspector was knowledgeable, sensitive and humorous. We couldn't fault the manner in which the inspection was carried out. The children thoroughly enjoyed showing what they could do, and our report will be peppered with "outstanding". So why do I feel irritated?.."

Help! The inspector's yawning

Published: 30 January 2009
Not seeing eye to eye with your Ofsted inspector
"Those of us who have been around for ever tend to treat school inspectors with healthy cynicism. People who love teaching won't want to stray too far from children. They certainly won't want to spend their lives sitting in classroom corners with clipboards on their knees making teachers' lives a misery and filling out meaningless bits of paper."

Pussyfooting doesn't help naughty boys

Published: 23 January 2009
The essentials for good behaviour in schools
"Recently, I opened up my newspaper to find Christine Gilbert, Ofsted's chief inspector, telling us how much behaviour in our schools has improved.It came as a surprise to me."

Old body with a kind heart

Published: 16 January 2009
Getting the governing body on your side
"I'm never quite sure why people want to be school governors. Power? As a stepping stone to local politics? Or because of a genuine interest in how schools work?."

Promising start across a minefield

Published: 9 January 2009
The press reaction to the Rose Report
"The tabloid newspapers have certainly had a field day with Jim Rose's primary curriculum proposals."

Vicki given the freedom to breathe

Published: 2 January 2009
MIke on the lot of the NQT
"As last year drew to a close, I wrote the end-of-term report on Vicki, the newly qualified teacher who joined us in September."

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