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Mike Kent's criticism of inspectors is outstanding

Mike Kent is bang on the money when he says few Ofsted inspectors would be shortlisted for interview ("Failing the five thousand", 24 February). Although I have met many reasonable inspectors with a genuine interest in education, others, particularly in the primary sector, seem barely house-trained. Taking the lead from their new supremo, they arrive with a superiority and arrogance born of ignorance. Lacking any form of social grace, they adopt a bullying approach that would not be tolerated in any child. Having destroyed a school, they take the money and move on to their next victim. I would have more confidence in the regime if I thought the inspectors were actually teachers who could support and help colleagues aspire to excellence. Anybody can criticise and find fault - few can do anything to improve matters.

Richard Pierson, Former teacher, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire.

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