Milk unkindness?

Tes Editorial

YOUR report about milk provision in schools ("Teachers turn milk-snatchers", TES, July 6) makes the automatic assumption that milk is good for children.

It is disappointing that so few teachers know that dairy products are the overlooked cause of a vast number of common ailments, particularly in the throat and nose, but also the digestive tract.

Humans are the only animals that drink milk way after they are babies, and what's more not the milk of their own species. And forget all the bone-and-teeth myths you have been fed. If it's calcium you want, eat sesame seeds or nuts.

It is time we stopped being the fall guys of government organisations such as the Milk Development Council. For once, Mrs Thatcher did the right thing - even if it was for the wrong reasons!Our children - and we teachers - would all work far better if we drank more water, as most people are dehydrated.

David A Hill 53 Upper Forster Street Walsall, West Midlands

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Tes Editorial

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