Mind the digital gap

The e-Learning Foundation has launched its spring grants round, which invites applications for funding from schools throughout the UK for local e-learning projects.

Last year, the foundation offered more than pound;1 million to support schools to improve access to ICT, particularly from home and with parental support. It is especially interested in helping those in disadvantaged areas in order to close the "digital gap" between the poor and the well-off, but is inviting schools in all areas to apply.

According to the foundation, low income families are five times less likely to own a home computer than high income families, and 25 per cent of single parent households do not have a computer at home while 50 per cent do not have access to the internet.

The average grant would be around pound;10,000 per school, but parents and school funds are also expected to contribute.

* www.e-learningfoundation.com

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