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Mind your language

Yolanda Brooks scans the airwaves to see what broadcasters are doing for ICT this month

Learning and Teaching Scotland and 4Learning have teamed up to enhance the language learning series Chez Mimi and Hennings Haus which were launched last year. The two programmes now have a complementary website which can be used in conjunction with the TV programmes or as a stand-alone resource.

The site at www.ltscotland.com5-14 C4modernlanguages is the first content-based website produced by Learning and Teaching Scotland. Until now, the organisation has provided its educational ICT resources on CD-Rom. Like the programme, the website is targeted at P6-P7 (key stage 2). Unlike the TV version though, the website content has been specifically developed to meet the Scottish Curriculum 5-14 modern languages guidelines.

Mimi and Henning, who feature in the TV programmes, are also the stars of the website. There are 10 games for each section and each game has three levels. The aim of the site is not to offer a complete language-learning course, but to focus on some of the aspects featured in the TV versions. Food, colours, clothing, weather, family and relationships are the main areas of interest.

Extensive teachers' notes and vocabulary lists for each of the games are also available at the site.

A new five-part series of Chez Mimi starts on Monday, April 15 from 10am to 10.15 and the new series of Henning's Haus begins on Tuesday, April 16 at the same time.

For more information about other resources related to the programmes, visit the 4learning website at

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