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Minister marks the milestones

Peter Peacock, Education Minister, stressed the advantages from the agreement of industrial peace in schools and the greater recognition given to teachers so they can do their job properly - "showing just how far we have come since the dark days of the 1980s and 1990s".

Mr Peacock said: "This Audit Scotland report shows a successful implementation of the agreement with virtually all milestones having been met, all the extra cash having been spent in the ways planned and local authorities saving some pound;6 million per year against original estimates of their share of the costs."

Addressing the criticisms of lack of adequate performance checks, Mr Peacock commented: "Throughout the process, executive officials have closely monitored the measures which form part of the overall agreement - the extra teachers, extra support staff, new probationer teachers and class contact hours worked."

He would look at the detailed recommendations Audit Scotland have made.

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