Minister owns up to exam gaffe

The Education Minister has apologised to SNP-controlled Moray over exam statistics that ignored the influence of independent schools.

In a letter to Margo Howe, Moray's education convener, Brian Wilson admitted that the annual bulletin on school-leavers' qualifications should have taken account of the fact that most pupils at Gordonstoun take GCSE and A-levels.

The council-by-council statistics published in July stated that 11 per cent of Moray pupils had no SCE passes. Only Glasgow scored worse, with 16.6 per cent. But without the Gordonstoun figures, only 3.9 per cent left with no qualifications, one of the better scores in Scotland.

Mr Wilson said: "The basis for the figures should have been made clearer. I can assure you that my officials will ensure that the points you have raised are addressed."

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