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Ministers behave impeccably

You give a mistaken impression of my view of the proposed "right to discipline" legislation. ("Time to tackle hard core who scorn the rules", TES, February 10). The practitioner group (behaviour taskforce) made this a key recommendation and I am delighted that the Government has included this in the white paper.

I share the view of the professional associations that it is essential that there is clarity in this area for teachers, pupils and parents and I am far from being baffled by the importance it is being given.

The point I was attempting to make to your reporter was that the right to discipline is one of many key recommendations, and that the eventual success of our work will depend on them all being implemented by the profession and by the government. Gratified by the support that the report has received, I am sure that will happen.

Your reporter would have more accurately reflected my opinions if he had reported my tribute to ministers for their commitment to addressing this issue and for the speed with which they have promoted so many of our recommendations.

We should give recognition where it is due.

Sir Alan Steer

Head, Seven Kings high school

Ley Street

Ilford, Essex

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