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Ministers have to be brave by design

WE WERE pleased to see (TES, January 14), that questions are being raised about the proposals in the report from the National Advisory Committee on Creative and Cultural Education are to be taken forward.

The lack of Government response is disturbing, particularly when put together with our concerns - and those of James Dyson (TES, December 17).

Design and technology is the only national curriculum subject defined as a creative activity in which pupils are expected to develop capability rather than a body of knowledge.

The committee report challenges the position that has plagued education and our society or so long - that the academic is divorced from (and superior to) the practical.

The curriculum to which young people are entitled in order to prepare them as whole people and as participating citizens should enable them to experience practically creative thinking as well as academic thinking.

We strongly support the committee's work and are actively seeking opportunities to help to take their valuable work forward. We urge the Government to respond urgently, bravely and positively to the report.

Malcolm Shirley

Director general

Engineering Council

10 Maltravers Street, London WC2

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