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Misleading figures;Letter

THE ARTICLE "Exclusion still highest in minority groups" (TES, July 16) lists Oxfordshire as an authority where Asian pupils are excluded at higher rates than white children. This gives a misleading impression.

Oxfordshire has a long history of low exclusion rates. According to Department for Education and Employment statistics 64 white pupils and six Asian pupils were permanently excluded here during 199798. Five of the Asian pupils participated in the same incident.

Moreover, it is important not to judge authorities on the basis of one year's figures. During 199899 there were no permanent exclusions of Asian pupils.

We are strongly committed to all aspects of racial equality, and have established systems for monitoring exclusions of ethnic-minority pupils as a key priority in our education development plan.

Graham Badman, Chief education officer, Oxfordshire, Macclesfield House, New Road, Oxford

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