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Mixed ministerial message on value of PE;Letter

Your report (TES, March 13) of the Government's Bill to stop playing fields being sold off is to be welcomed - as is David Blunkett's comment that "physical education and sport play is an important part in every child's development ". It is even more telling, however, that his rhetoric does not match his actions.

His new proposals for the national curriculum whereby schools will not be required to study in PE at key stage 1 and 2 could have just as deleterious an effect as selling playing fields. What an ironic monument it would be to have wonderful fields but no curriculum time to use them.

If David Blunkett genuinely believes in the value of PE he should recognise its uniqueness in a child's life by making it a core subject in the national curriculum.


President Physical Education Association of UK Chichester Institute of Higher Education, Chichester

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