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Mod studies - My sweet Lord

The House of Lords has launched a competition for pupils aged 11-16, in which entrants will nominate someone to be a member of Westminster's upper chamber.

The competition, supported by the Hansard Society, aims to get young people thinking about the function and membership of the House of Lords. Nominees of all backgrounds will be accepted, from celebrities and sports personalities to people entrants know personally. Any "creative form" can be used to present nominations.

The competition will culminate in May with the top three entries presented by the entrants themselves to a group of members of the House of Lords, chaired by the Lord Speaker, Baroness Hayman.

"The House of Lords has had many new members over the past year, bringing new faces and experiences to our chamber," she said. "The competition is a great opportunity for young people to think about who they feel should be here too, and I am looking forward to seeing all the nominations."

The closing date for entries is Friday, May 6.


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