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Modern clans

Does the clan system still have relevance in the Highlands in the 21st century? Yes, according to Clan, an exhibition running at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery from May 10 to June 14 as part of this year's Highland Festival.

However, the clans being highlighted here, using mainly photographs and sound, are not traditional ones. Most don't wear tartan, though they do have uniforms. These clans have come together as a result of shared interests or aims. They are clans of fishermen, surfers, Goths, oil workers, members of the Territorial Army or the Mountain Rescue Service, to name just a few.

Educational material has been produced to complement the show, which will tour the Highlands after the Inverness launch.

For further information contact the gallery, tel 01463 237114, or the Highland Festival office, tel 01463 719000.

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