Modern foreign languages - Contributor spotlight


An expert languages teacher, rosaespanola has shared over 700 resources with the teaching community on TES, for secondary French, Spanish and German. To date, her activities, worksheets and presentations have been viewed over 300,000 times and are getting rave reviews from languages teachers around the world.

What are the resources like?

Try the highly rated Dejeuner du Matin resources, which include French grammar activities, gap-fillers and PowerPoints. Rosaespanola says: "This stuff went down really well with my Year 9s (middle ability). They'd learnt how to do regular avoir verbs in the perfect tense and I wanted to move them on to use some irregular verbs." There is also material suitable for a broad range of age and abilities including adult learners: try the "weather expressions" resources, which can be used for any language.

What are teachers saying?

Hawaythelads says: "Excellent presentation. I'll share this with the other MFL teachers in my school here in Norway. Thanks a lot!" Penguin pickles says: "Colourful revision. This is a lovely resource. It's well presented and suitable for all abilities. SEN students learned from it and more able students used it as revision."

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