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Modern Foreign Languages - Contributor of the week


Primary Spanish provider Speekee has shared 61 resources on TES Resources that incorporate clear planning and progression, imaginative use of authentic language in video clips and creative activity ideas to develop language use. The resources include:

- Hello and Thank You: this video clip shows a school bus driver handing a lunchbox to each child who climbs aboard. It offers an authentic scenario for repetition of very simple dialogue. There is also a full explanation for teachers of how to build up learners' use of language so that it becomes automatic.

- Happy, Sad: hiding behind fans, Antonio and Lucia reveal themselves to show how they are feeling, happy (contento) or sad (triste). The video comes with a fan-making template.

- Road safety - a lovely video song including safety verbs, nouns and colours. Pupils will be singing along in no time.

Each video has worksheets and a pronunciation guide to help pupils practise their language skills.

For more information, visit

Rachel Hawkes is a TES subject adviser.

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