Modern Foreign Languages - Diamond resource - Royal soiree

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French is another uniting factor between Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria, both of whom learned to speak the language fluently. Indeed, the menu for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee dinner was largely presented in French.

Help pupils create their own French menu fit for a queen with these resources about food.

Reading a menu: lexilalas' menu helps pupils sort their entrees from their legumes.

Menu design: slick's template allows beginners to create a basic menu in French.

Les repas: Get pupils to spot key food vocabulary in a simple but effective reading activity from Isb4.

Be interactive: Match images to menu words with stan29's interactive whiteboard lesson.

In the kitchen: Mix up your own Jubilee dishes with whiskeymac's French cooking instructions.

Foods of France: Introduce pupils to traditional French cuisine with lagouteuse's pictorial presentation.

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Tes Editorial

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