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From German to Cornish

TES content partner Links into Languages has shared a number of innovative resources, helping learners in creative and practical ways.

What is it?

More than 100 resources in commonly taught languages such as German, French and Spanish, but also less common languages such as Cornish. Resources include:

Talking to Learn. A series of grammar prompts to help pupils build confidence in spontaneous French, German and Spanish conversation.

Fashion International. A full scheme of work to get pupils using language in a work-based context, focusing on the fashion industry.

Backstage. Pupils research the festival world, then use their target language to promote, organise and star in their own festival with other local schools.

Kernewek rag All (Cornish for All). This project led by Maga, the Cornish Language Partnership, gets pupils to develop school signs in Cornish and write eglynow (Cornish poetry).

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Tes Editorial

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