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Primary Spanish introductory lessons

You're never too young to start learning another language (or too old, for that matter) and you can get your ninos off on the right track by introducing basic Spanish phrases, greetings, maps and flags with these ideas from lisiliu. With Promethean flipchart software (if you don't have it, you can download a viewer for free) these resources are easy to use and can offer teachers some reprieve from the shackles of clip art and PowerPoint.

By saving some time, you can focus your efforts on planning exciting cultural activities and injecting a bit of fun into your lessons. Did someone say pinata?


Another popular resource to introduce Spain and Spanish phrases has been shared be lydiadavies and includes a presentation on famous Spanish speakers such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Penelope Cruz, as well as a true or false game.

Find both and more on TES Resources.

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