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Modern foreign languages - Resource of the week

Here's your cue for Spanish

Cks01 has uploaded a variety of Spanish vocabulary cue cards.

What is it?

The series covers a wide range of topics including:

- the weather;

- in the restaurant;

- Spanish snacks;

- types of shop;

- adjectives;

- movements;

- key regular verbs.

How can they be used?

They are designed to be cut out and stuck back-to-back. The images are simple, clearly revealing the required vocabulary that learners can then check for themselves.

The cards are a versatile resource and can be used in various ways: to revise key words, as conversation prompts or as a matching "snap" game. They could become a regular feature of the classroom, with pupils' familiarity with the language growing alongside their familiarity with the cards.

Each card is a small square and is an ideal size for pupils to use them on the move. There is a good sense of continuity throughout the series, which means pupils can become comfortable with using them as their key revision tool.

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