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Modern foreign languages - Resource of the week

Teach children - without them knowing

Working as a private Spanish tutor for several years taught children's author Genevieve Yusuf that "children learn best when they don't realise they are learning". Finding a fun way to teach modern foreign languages to young learners while drilling the vocabulary into their minds was the inspiration for her series of bilingual children's books, illustrated by Suzanne Wilson.

What is it?

The delightful JaJaJa Spanish language books follow characters Lucy and Phillip as they go on holiday to Spain and meet their counterparts, Lucia and Felipe, with whom they become best friends - or amigos. The books are written in English. There are about three lines of text under each colourful illustration, each of which is peppered with Spanish words. Young readers can pick up key vocabulary and numbers up to 10.

What else?

JaJaJa Books will expand its range of languages and resources in 2012. To find out more, visit Genevieve Yusuf is available to present storytelling sessions and games workshops in Spanish.

For interactive revision of Spanish numbers try Anitais' fun game. Want to get pupils talking about their holidays? Check out cllenihan's animated presentation.

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