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Modern Foreign Languages - Resource of the week

The memory of an elephant

Turn struggling speakers into confident multi-linguists by developing their memory skills. While grammar can be taught, vocabulary must be practised until it can be naturally recalled. Help pupils to hone their memory and master a language with the TES memory collection.

What is it?

A selection of more than 20 of the best MFL memory resources shared on TES Resources, divided into French, German, Spanish and all languages. These include:

- rhawkes' French collective memory lesson using colour and sound to warm up minds and get students remembering. She has also created an Olympic-themed Spanish lesson using rhyme and a design task to help pupils develop their own way of recalling the names of continents.

- borderbowman's memorisation skills sheet explains a number of different active and visual ways to improve memory - can your pupils find a style to suit them?

- CombertonVillageCollege's "Haus und Schlafzimmer" uses colour coding to help pupils master noun genders and a fill-in-the-blanks starter to make sure spelling is up to scratch. They have also shared an accelerated learning task - prompted by first-letter clues, pupils will be writing lengthy sentences and feeling confident in their new language in no time.

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