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Internet dating

Now the second most popular method of matchmaking (according to the tabloids), internet dating can also be a useful vocabulary practice tool, as bexyharris illustrates in her resource.

What is it?

A differentiated reading and writing activity in which pupils can learn or revise key "about me" vocabulary, practise reading basic personal details and write their own advert for an online dating page.

The resource includes:

Photo prompt cards with key vocabulary.

A higher-level comprehension activity in which pupils must read internet dating profiles and answer questions, then write their own profile-page details.

A lower-level comprehension activity, with shorter profiles to read and a template to help students write their own.

What else?

If you have computer access, ask pupils to design their own page. They could pick images to match their interests and characteristics, and the most able can develop a longer paragraph about themselves. You can also teach them how to stay safe.

What next?

Why not give pupils a set of questions for a "speed dating" session to practise speaking and listening skills?

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