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What's the WordUP?

Pupils can develop language skills on the go with Collins' new WordUP language apps, available for iPhone and iPad. The apps can be customised to suit individual needs. Features include:

- Dictionary. Pupils can search for words in English or the target language, listen to the pronunciation, record themselves speaking and select words to add to study lists.

- Phrasebook. Divided into 16 helpful topics, pupils will quickly find it easy to develop sentences using new vocabulary.

- Study lists. Seven set lists are included, such as colour, time and numbers, but pupils can add their own to personalise revision.

- Revision areas. Flash cards, playlists and quizzes allow pupils to recap new vocabulary in different ways.

- Word of the day. A good way to learn new words.

- Share. Pupils can use Facebook or Twitter to share the word of the day or other features with friends.

Why is it useful?

The apps allow pupils to keep a number of language tools in their pocket. They are particularly useful for speaking and listening, which are often the hardest skills to revise and master. Personalisation will help pupils from beginners to intermediate to become confident in their target language.

What else?

The apps cost pound;2.99 and are available in several languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

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Tes Editorial

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