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Modern foreign languages - Resource of the week

Language learning plans

Throw away the textbook and keep lessons brimming with exciting tasks with Teacher's Activities by Skills, just one of the resources recommended in the TES Teaching and Learning Ideas collection.

What is it?

A set of ideas for starter, main and plenary activities, with guides to help you use technology in class, including:

- Activities by skill: activities listed in a grid that divides them by learning skill, such as PPP (presentation, practice, production), reading, writing, speaking, listening and games. Get pupils to write diaries and postcards, or devise raps, maps and internet blogs. They can use blockbuster games and video conferencing and there are lots of ideas to add variety.

- Starters and plenaries: more than 50 activities to put energy into your lessons and boost speaking and listening skills. In "Find somebody who... " pupils are given a list of questions that they have to match to people - for example, "Who has a birthday in September?" There are also memory games, such as Guess the Silhouette.

- Guide to Audacity: an introduction for teachers new to the free audio software Audacity that you can use to record assessments or create a class radio show. The guide contains step-by-step instructions, from recording to saving.

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