Modern foreign languages - Resource of the week

Learning the fun way

Games are entertaining, motivating and useful, but they can be time- consuming to make, so TES adviser Rachel Hawkes has put together a bank of ideas shared by teachers on TES Resources. Most are templates that can be easily customised for different ability levels and key stages.

Some examples

Try Wipeout for French from Cthomas1983, which focuses on identifying infinitives. Cariad2 has shared a collection of French materials for younger pupils. A German Grand Prix game from gavinhillage and a Spanish Cops and Robbers game from vandersar are both getting rave reviews.

What are teachers saying?

Of German Grand Prix, Marionshipton says: "This looks absolutely brilliant. Will be using it with all sorts of topics." Of Cops and Robbers, diggory says: "Played with my lower ability Year 9 starter group - excellent resource - thanks!" Tell us what you think.

What else?

In the forums, teachers discuss entertainment vs achievement in MFL - what are your thoughts?

All resources and forum links at

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