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Popcast - current music from Germany

Popcast - current music from Germany

Everyone knows a little something about Mozart and Beethoven; some might know a bit about Bach and Brahms. And there might even be pupils who have a sprinkling of Schubert. Germany has a rich musical legacy, but your class might be more interested in contemporary offerings from the motherland of these maestros.

An understanding of German music can help develop their cultural knowledge and increase engagement. The Goethe Institut's monthly Popcast provides a brief glance into some of the newest rock, pop, hip-hop and electro from Germany, with background information on the artists' work and upcoming projects, as well as some trivia.

Try using the podcast for comprehensions or writing exercises, or as a discussion topic about music and culture. Are your pupils familiar with any of the artists? How do they compare to UK acts?

Get a subscription to Popcast for free from the Goethe Institut:


What else?

Try s.barfoot's excellent resources on German music and expressing opinions about them - it's getting positive reviews from teachers.

For more vocabulary ideas, try mmullen's worksheet that explores what music pupils like and why. Fine-tune questions and phrasing with smjfh's PowerPoint on media and music - a useful revision tool.

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