Modern Foreign Languages - Resource of the week

Water cycle lesson - key stage 3 Spanish.

What is it?

The purpose of this lesson is to manipulate verbs to describe action, using the theme of the water cycle. It is a PowerPoint and a worksheet that can be printed, circulated to the class and, best of all, coloured in.

How can it be used?

Take pupils through the water cycle in Spanish and introduce key vocabulary and verbs relating to water. It may be a familiar theme in English, but covering this topic in another language presents a new and engaging approach to language learning.

What does the author say?

This resource works by taking curriculum strands and content from other subject areas, or from the target language country, and making the content a joint focus of the lesson, rather than just hanging the language learning objectives onto more everyday content like the colour of your bedroom furniture.

What are teachers saying?

"I love this resource!," says SusanaValera. "I wish there were more like this and would start teaching languages from a different perspective. Well done to whoever created it. Thank you for sharing it."


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