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Modern foreign languages - Resource of the week

Revision with noughts and crosses

Runaway has shared the highly recommended noughts and crosses multi-topic PowerPoint quiz - an interactive and fun whole-class assessment tool.

What is it?

A macro-enabled PowerPoint that can be used in flexible ways. The visual stimuli on screen prompt students to practise vocabulary and their efforts are rewarded with a nought or a cross. The aim is to block your opponent and be the first to get three in a row in each round. The quiz works like an interactive whiteboard activity. If you are not accustomed to macro use, the necessary adjustments are explained in the opening slide.

How can it be used?

For lower levels, the quiz can be used to test basic vocabulary - colours, numbers, classroom objects, the weather, hobbies, clothing, food, places in town, emotions and parts of the body are all included. Why not extend learning by using each image as a stimulus for more-advanced conversation. Ask students to provide an opinion, instruction, order or direction to earn their mark on the board.

What do teachers say?

"Excellent game for vocabulary revision... applicable in any secondary language classroom," says Anna3636, while iglames says: "It will save me loads of time."

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