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Primary French - Les petites souris

Primary French - Les petites souris

Here's a really quick win for your class - a whole story that pupils can read and understand in their new language. Dlwkazakos' resource "Les petites souris" uses the already familiar French vocabulary of animals, days of the week, numbers and colours and introduces j'aime, je n'aime pas, j'adore and je deteste. Simple texts such as this can easily build up pupils' confidence as language learners and the familiarity of the story structure provides support.

What next?

In pairs or groups, write a similar story using the vocabulary of like and dislike, inventing new characters or keeping those of Pierre and Sophie. Make use of any vocabulary that the children have learnt recently - for example, food and drink, leisure activities or lesson names, to substitute for the animals in the original story. To extend the task, pupils could narrate their stories, practise their pronunciation, and put the whole narrative together using Photo Story or PowerPoint.

Also take a look at "Ma surprise du zoo" from Kgbinterpol, who uses the familiar tale of Dear Zoo as a basis for a French-language version with animated pages. Vocabulary games and a comprehension quiz follow at the end.

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