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Sing a song of cents ...

National Sing Up Day (2 March) aims to get every schoolchild united in song just for one day: a great opportunity to get singing in the classroom, using rhythm and rhyme to improve pupils' memory skills.

What is it?

By signing up to the official website, teachers can access a wide range of resources, including:

a bank of more than 300 songs;

vocal warm-up exercises;

training events;

a community space to discuss ideas with other teachers.

A selection of songs is available for the classroom covering French, Spanish, Italian, Welsh, Polish and Latin. Some are traditional songs that can be used to teach culture, such as Stille Nacht (Silent Night); others have been specifically designed for the curriculum - for example, A Douze, a song about counting in French.

How can you get involved?

Find out more at

What else?

Why not ask pupils to write their own tunes, developing their vocabulary and grammar skills as they experiment with rhyme and teach their peers key topic areas through song? For inspiration, try cthomas1983's songs to teach Year 7 vocabulary.

Find all links and resources at

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