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Modern Foreign Languages - In the spotlight

Jour de la Francophonie

International Day of the Francophone (20 March) celebrates a world full of French speakers. Leave images of the Eiffel Tower behind and turn your attention to the other countries where French is spoken.

What is it?

French is the official language of 33 countries and is the only one apart from English spoken on five continents. Make students aware of the cultural traditions and daily life of French-speaking nations around the world, from Senegal to Quebec, the Seychelles to Haiti.

How to celebrate

Introduce the theme with Miss Tabs' PowerPoint showing the different regions, then liven things up with a video: Les Grand Champions de la Francophonie. How many countries can pupils note down in French?

An activity from rosaespanola asks pupils to investigate a francophone country. They could create a travel brochure or use nizkil's handout to design a French magazine.

Recreate a TV studio with a TV5Monde francophone weather report, a great role-playing opportunity from laurasemple.

Finish the day exploring and singing Algerian rai music with activities from Sue Hubbard.

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