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Modern Foreign Languages - In the spotlight

What Easter brings

Term is drawing to a close. When the next begins pupils will be itching to tell everyone what they did over their holidays and how they celebrated Easter. Help them to discuss this in their target language and compare their celebrations to those in other countries with these Easter resources.

What does it include?

- Semana Santa: full of photos, lagartija's presentation reveals the stunning decorations and costumes of the celebration in Spain.

- Easter in Spain Quiz: try this online test of pupils' Easter vocabulary, which has cute cartoon characters.

- Paques en France: help pupils explain the different types of chocolat they ate over the holidays and practise dictionary skills with Natasha3003's lesson.

- Easter Paques Interactive: for some vocabulary games, try runaway's interactive whiteboard activities.

- Osterbrauche: cover vocabulary and cases for sophisticated responses with anlise57's presentation.

- In Deutschland: see how similar English and German customs are with rosered27's journey through festivities.

What else?

Revise past tense to help pupils develop accurate responses about what they did. If you haven't taught it yet, goldenapples has a great Spanish introduction, or try rollonjune's worksheet to get started in French. Alternatively, christalla712 has created a bright and colourful journey through the ge- and -t of the German past tense.

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