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Victoria Handford (aka MFLTeacher1) has been teaching French and German to key stages 3 and 4 for four years and is a deputy head of French. She has shared more than 150 resources on TES, including:

German and Austrian culture (German): A quiz testing how much pupils know about the two biggest German-speaking countries while providing them with some interesting historical context.

Young health (French): Four young people have written letters about different health problems - smoking, alcohol, drugs and comfort-eating. Pupils must find key phrases and vocabulary in the letters - relevant and engaging preparation for GCSE reading exams.

Predicting the future (French): Four handy revision activities - unscrambling letters, picture-to-word translation, match-up, and fill-in-the-gaps - to practise the future tense and make predictions.

Gesundheit (German): A fantastic interactive PowerPoint presentation with everything you need for a unit on the body. From a vocabulary list to a diagram prompt, Simon Says to tic-tac-toe and a "wanted" poster design, there are loads of activities to help students talk about their heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

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Tes Editorial

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