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Modern Foreign Languages - In the spotlight

Stepping stones to fluency

The early stages of language learning can be frustrating for pupils, who may know lots of words, but not the contexts in which to use them. 50 French Phrases from B Small publishing is a colourful introduction that gets pupils speaking in sentences from the start.

What is it?

A compact 35-page book split into 16 chapters, which starts with simple greetings and moves quickly into sentence starters and questions. Quel age as-tu? helps pupils use numbers by stating their age, while Ou est ...? encourages pupils to apply object vocabulary by asking and explaining where things are.

Each page suggests an activity to accompany vocabulary practice, such as a memory game or drawing task to engage more kinaesthetic learners. By the end of the book pupils should be confident enough to go shopping for clothes and food, order in a restaurant and talk about preparing for a holiday.

Why is it useful?

Use it as a stimulus for teaching ideas. It is particularly useful for a non-specialist looking for help with structuring their scheme of work. Alternatively, give pupils a copy of the book to take home so they can practise reading and speaking aloud, and build their language confidence.

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