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Let's start with verb endings

Help drill verb endings in a challenging and engaging way with a new interactive resource from Vocab Express.

What is it?

Conjugating verbs is an online topic for French key stages 3 and 4 that uses quizzes to test pupils' understanding of tenses and verb endings.

Pupils select a focus area - for example, regular present -er endings - and must then translate English to French, or French to English, phrases. Any phrases they form incorrectly are repeated in further question rounds until they get them right.

A review tool allows pupils to see the answers and a "syntax rule" button recaps grammar rules.

Teachers can monitor pupils' progress through four tools:

Scoreboard. Shows the overall marks for the class.

Progress. Reveals how many topics pupils have covered.

Activity breakdown. Explains how pupils achieved their scores.

System logs. Tracking the times at which they log in and out.

Why is it useful?

This is a great tool for independent work in the language lab that allows pupils to work at their own pace. Alternatively, use for revision homework tasks - there is no marking involved and pupils' problems are quickly identified with the monitoring system.

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