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Modern languages

KS 3-5

Languages are vital in the global world of work, yet many students believe English is all they need. Now that they can opt out at 14, it is crucial that we open their eyes. For more information and persuasive material see Languages Work from CILT

Here are some quotations from it: "75 per cent of the world's population speaks no English at all. 60 per cent of British trade is with non-English speaking markets. Even when potential customers speak English, communicating with them in their own language gives companies a competitive edge. From BMW apprentices to Eurostar drivers, people in many different walks of life need foreign languages. Who would have thought that David Beckham would one day learn Spanish? A little language goes a long way. 90 per cent of jobs demanding language skills require them as a secondary qualification. Fluency in a foreign language can boost an employee's salary. The more languages you learn the quicker you pick up new ones. You also develop transferable skills valued by employers and widen your horizons.

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