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Modern Languages - It's Chinese New Year

What it's all about

Perfectly timed for Chinese New Year, Liz_Fotheringham has uploaded a wealth of related materials, including PowerPoints that put language in context, such as likesdislikes of leisure activities, numbers for telephoning and telling the time, and "What languages do you speak?" for exploring nationalities and languages.

There are games, such as a word search on personal details, and a guide explaining how to search in a Chinese dictionary.

Presentations are accompanied by video and audio links that provide extracts on life in China to develop pupils' cultural awareness and listening opportunities. There are also visually stimulating, interactive quizzes to assess learning, flashcards in Roman and Mandarin script for revision, and a language map to help beginners.

Liz_Fotheringham has also provided language resources on the Chinese New Year, including a vocabulary sheet that covers animals, greetings and question structures.

The collection spans vocabulary and grammar, development of independence, cultural understanding and revision through multi-sensory activities, and a focus on visuals to create an environment of language immersion.

Taking it further

Runaway has shared the highly recommended noughts and crosses multi-topic PowerPoint quiz - an interactive and fun whole-class assessment tool.

A macro-enabled PowerPoint that can be used in flexible ways, its on- screen visual stimuli prompt students to practise vocabulary, and their efforts are rewarded with a nought or a cross. The aim is to block your opponent and be the first to get three in a row in each round. The quiz works like an interactive whiteboard activity. If you are not accustomed to macro use, the necessary adjustments are explained in the first slide.

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