Modern languages - Playful side to vocabulary

What is it?

This series of videos for key stage 2 pupils (P4-7) sees teachers demonstrating their own inspirational lessons and giving tips for other teachers to deliver the lessons themselves.

Getting started

Among the vehicles for learning other languages are using a birthday party game of pass-the-parcel to help pupils discover a fun way to learn French, developing modern language skills by making chocolate cakes and learning French weather vocabulary. Plenty of props are on display, including baking ingredients, umbrellas and sunglasses. Football is also called into play to engage pupils with French vocabulary, with the help of the female teacher and local footballing heroes. And, more traditionally, there is a variety of reading and writing games for teaching modern foreign languages. There are four lesson ideas for teachers, which work even if you aren't a confident linguist: why not try "Jacques a dit" (`Simon Says'), or a bit of dancing?

Taking it further

The videos also include topics which give insights into what life is like for young people growing up in French- and Spanish-speaking worlds. These include carnival time in French-Caribbean Island Martinique and folklore traditions from Mexico. French-speaking children feature in a healthy eating lesson, and Mexican youngsters play a game of charades in which they act out what they did the day before.

Where to find it

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