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Modern languages - Revision aids for linguists

What the lesson is about

This set of "GCSE revision" resources covers German, French and Spanish topics that should be useful for S3-4 classes.

How to use it

French revision aids include booklets grouping questions from reading, writing and speaking exams by topic (rosaespanola). KKQR has uploaded a summary of commonly-used verbs, while s.rnd offers a checklist to use in writing exercises and a worksheet to identify good grammatical elements in texts. A board game challenges pupils to conjugate verbs in the correct tense to move forward, or move back if they get them wrong (maryjane1969). Worksheets provide exercises on topics such as transport and weather (Hedia B) and a quick-reference guide offers useful vocabulary and phrases covering time, adjectives, conjunctions and an overview of verbs (crazypinkcat).

German resources include a worksheet on ways to express opinions, time phrases, linking words and tenses (pachtonio) and a poster summarising key elements in writing and speaking exercises (CombertonVillage College). A game challenges pupils to translate an English sentence into German and gain more points for tackling harder sentences (mozartkugel). Chatterbox81 offers revision tasks which can be printed on card, while another set of cards with basic phrases can help revise for the speaking test (madame_droite).

Spanish resources include activities to develop speaking skills, offered by rhawkes, while Milpin has shared an extensive resource on basic tenses, which can be printed and turned into an A5 booklet. And a series of role- plays from vandersar can help with vocabulary and prepare pupils for their speaking test.

Where to find it

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