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Modern role for schools;Letter

THE Scottish culture report by the Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum supports modern studies teaching. Given that the subject already covers many of the curricular areas considered in the report, modern studies will be essential in implementing the recommendations. Large parts of the report directly mirror the key features of 5-14 "People in Society" and the modern studies arrangements at Standard grade and Higher Still.

The report notes that "opportunities exist within the curriculum for pupils to analyse aspects of present day society and to apply knowledge and understanding of political and social processes to current issues", but omits to mention that these opportunities are only meaningful in schools with modern studies departments.

The recommended review of the curriculum to "ensure that young people have the opportunity to develop their understanding of political processes and structures" and "develop as thinking and active citizens" is long overdue.

Young people will only be served effectively if that review explicitly details the role of modern studies and recommends that every school in Scotland has a modern studies department.

Gavin Clark Chairperson Modern Studies Association

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