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Money speaks louder than words

The General Teaching Council needs to understand that raising the status of teachers rests squarely with investing money in our pay packets - not our professional development. If a teacher was on a salary of more than pound;35,000, that would be a clear indication to all that we are indeed valued members of society.

I think it is an insult to expect me to pay the GTC's annual registration fee. I will not pay it and if that means I can no longer teach, well, the GTC and the Government will need to recruit 10,001 new eachers. Talking to my colleagues that number could well be a lot higher. I am quite prepared to take my 20 years of industrial experience in the science and electronics fields, and my good honours degree in physics, and work in a profession where my true value is rewarded with excellent pay and conditions, not rhetoric. If the GTC wants me to continue to teach, then put pressure on the Government to pay me a decent wage and my fee!

CRF Petchey

11 Killicks Hill

Portland, Dorset

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