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More Amore

Space precluded us conveying the full flavour of John Cairney's tribute to new Educational Institute of Scotland president Ian McCalman at the union's recent annual bash.

To the tune of Dean Martin's That's Amore, the verse runs: Who will hold sway now that May is away?

It's McCalman, Who is it says he will make a great pressie?

McCalman, If you bottled his talents I'm sure in a flash You could sell 'em, 'Cos his very high forehead conceals a first class cerebellum, Look where he's got since this once zealous Trot Joined with Labour, The world is his oyster now Tony is in No 10 He'll stick with Dewar and Wilson through feast and famine, Though ah wish him well, as for ma'sel Ah'm for Salmond

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